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Percy's Passing

Updated: May 26, 2019

Popham’s family-owned and operated retail landscape has undergone a sea change since the end of last summer with the closing and demolition of Percy’s Store. The end of an era. This venerable institution will be sorely missed. Friendly service and an always tempting variety of ice cream flavors were its hallmarks in my eyes, but others may lament that the fried seafood platters, convenient selection of beach gear and sundries, or the tank of lively lobsters are things of the past. No more walks along the beach with Moosetracks in a sugar cone as the ultimate destination.Walkable options for all the other necessaries of cottage life are no longer available. In fact, unless some new entrepreneur steps into the void, your best bet is Bisson’s Center Store on Route 209 at the intersection with Parker Head Road, an 8.6-mile drive away by the fastest, if not the shortest, route. Definitely pays to plan ahead so as not to trade precious beach time for too frequent trips to the store for those essential, but forgotten items.

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