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Turtle's Garden

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Longtime visitors to the cottages will vividly remember the picturesque pitch pine tree that loomed between #6 and #7. Its long, low up sweeping limbs provided an irresistible perch for youngsters and the perfect backdrop for countless family snapshots. Sadly, the tree had to be cut down when the last bit of green growth died back from its considerable crown and the much climbed branches became a safety hazard. Just the multi-lobed stump still remains as a reminder to all those who once admired its unique form and abiding presence.

As a tribute to this lost companion, we have turned the no longer shaded mound into a sunny garden space with the stump as its centerpiece. Turtles nest here and we hope that these sands will always be a safe and inviting nesting ground. Native perennial flowers (globe thistle and sea holly to start with) and grass (sea oats) will now provide a bit of shade and shelter. Please respect the refuge that Turtle’s Garden offers to these beautiful vulnerable creatures by keeping footprints out.

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